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How does BillTrim reduce my bills?
Our team calls and saves you the endless frustration of dealing with your providers. BillTrim does all the work for you while you live your life. BillTrim has a team of experts that negotiate on your behalf. They find promotional rates, customer loyalty discounts, special packages, and additional credits to get you the lowest bill possible.
What types of bills do you help with?
Cable | Internet | Cell Phone | Electricity | Auto Insurance | Home Phone | Home Security | Home Insurance | Health Insurance | FM/XM | Magazine | Gym Subscriptions
How long does BillTrim service take?
BillTrim will start working for you as soon as we receive a valid credit card and valid account credentials. We will notify you when we reduce your bill. As long as you are responsive and submit all necessary information, we will negotiate all your bills within next 24 hrs.
Is my information secure with BillTrim?
Most definitely. Your privacy and security is our highest priority and we will not share your information with anyone. The information you supply to us is only used to negotiate with your providers on your behalf. We’ll never sell it, share it, or give it away-no matter what. BillTrim site is also secured with 256 encryption SSL! See the green https:// with a lock in front of it on the navigation bar. Companies like Google and Facebook use this to keep your information secure as well.
How can I send you my bills?
You will need to send us your user-name and password for your providers.
Why do I need to send my account credentials?
BillTrim securely connects with your account and monitors your bills every month. This way, we can keep an eye on your bills, month after month, without bothering you. And your data is stored with bank level security.
Can I just take a picture of my bill and sent it to BillTrim?
No. We have stopped negotiating based on an image of a bill. We do need valid credentials to be able to get you the best deal.
Will BillTrim change or reduce my service?
We look for the best deals in the market and current promotions and do not change service levels unless it is advantageous to our customer monetarily and functionally. We may get you better package for less!
How much does BillTrim service cost?
We believe in fairness above all. We, the founders, didn't grow up rich and understand the value of savings. If we reduce your bills by $400/year, you keep $300 in savings, we keep $100 for our services. Simple 75%-25% split on savings.
How does BillTrim get paid?
We ask for credit card information during signup. We do need a valid credit card to begin the negotiation process. Once we know how much you will be saving this year, we will go ahead and charge. Rest assured, we won't charge without validating the actual savings.
Other Questions
Can BillTrim work on bills other than the ones listed here?
Yes, send us any monthly bills, we will do our best to reduce them!